Beckham & Beckham takes great pride in its subrogation practice dedicates significant resources to maximizing recovery on behalf of our clients. Our firm has handled to conclusion hundreds of major subrogation matters in the state and federal courts resulting in substantial recoveries for our clients throughout the state of Florida. Subrogation cases entrusted to us are actively litigated by partners, not assigned to inexperienced attorneys. We have found from experience that early evaluation of subrogation cases and aggressive handling by our attorneys working with claim representatives increases recoveries for our clients. Eugene Beckham is the author of the "Subrogation" chapter in 3 Law and Practice of Insurance Coverage Litigation (David L. Leitner, Reagan W. Simpson & John M. Bjorkman eds., West 2012) and has also published Subrogation of Automobile Medical Payments in Florida in 18 Trial Advocate Quarterly (Spring 1998). The firm has produced seminars for its insurance clients to aid them in recognizing and maximizing subrogation recovery. Beckham & Beckham has handled recoveries which arise from the failure of underlying carriers to protect excess coverage as well as claims related to all kinds of casualties such as fires, explosions, collapses, product failures, vehicle collisions, gas and water leaks as well as those arising from theft, conversion, embezzlement and liens and right to reimbursement related to worker compensation coverage, ERISA or medical coverage. Beckham & Beckham handles subrogation and recovery matters on a contingency fee plus cost basis, and when there is no recovery there is no a fee.



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